All profits from sales go to animal causes. I will support any worthwhile cause in North America.  If you wish to support a specific shelter not shown here, please let me know. I will contact them and explain how they can benefit. I will then add a discount code to be used for that group. Questions? Contact me.

As of August 1st I will be selling exclusively from my Etsy store. I have left a few things up here, but sales will be transacted through my Etsy store.  I have sold on Etsy for over 5 years, and maintain a five star rating :  Compassionartca on Etsy.  Prices on Etsy are in US dollars, but you will note that I have listed them at a discount to our regular prices here, even after allowing for the exchange rate. Then, on top of that you can get another 25% discount!

When you purchase in our Etsy store:
Use the code CATSANON25 when checking out, and you will receive an automatic 25% off, and Cats Anonymous gets all the profits. 
Use the code GTHS25 when checking out, and you will receive an automatic 25% off, and Georgian Triangle Humane Society gets all the profits.
 Your choice….  Check out their web sites and help one of them out! Both great causes.
Want to help more? Please share one of these codes on social media!  The more people that use a code , the more the shelters make!

This concept of coupons will be expanded to other groups as they sign on. Most items on the Etsy Compassionart site have a 100% markup. You get 25% off, the charity gets 25%. In those instances where the markup is not 100%, and this results in a loss over cost, I will absorb it, to insure they get at least 25%.