Appraisals by MV

We have a Master Valuer examine all of our better gem stones. To insure fairness, we do not appraise ourselves. The appraiser has no current or prospective interest in the item(s) in the appraisal. We provide his signed and sealed report to the purchaser once agreement to purchase has been arranged. This way you get the most up to date appraisal possible, with current market values for metals, gems and labour costs. The appraisal will include the setting ( if you decide to have same set by us) so that you have an accurate retail replacement value of your purchase for insurance purposes. We sell at approx. 50% to 60% of retail replacement, depending on what we had to pay for the gem . We guarantee that the appraisal will  be equal to or better than this percentage. If not, and it is a lower percentage, we deduct an amount from the purchase price to ensure this is the case. But. We never add to your purchase price if the evaluation has gone up!