15.5″ Diameter. Hand Made Segmented Bowl. Made from 193 Individual Pieces of Various Woods.



Hand made from 193 individual pieces of wood: maple, cherry, padauk, walnut. Approx. 15.5 inches in diameter, approx. 7.5 inches tall.
Large segmented bowls like this take 30 or more hours to make and can be difficult to handle on the lathe, and are therefore not common.
Indeed, I almost lost a couple of fingers while making the selection you see offered here, requiring a couple of trips to the hospital!
I really enjoyed the lathe…. but have decided I am now too old, so will be making no more.
I hope these give then new owners as much pleasure as I had making them ( not counting the injuries! 🙂 )
I finished by adding numerous coats of hard wax, and buffing by hand. Just give it a quick polish once a year or so!
I have signed each work on the bottom.