#76: 5.1 Carat Opal, 16.1 x 9.6 x 6.2 mm. Earth Mined. See Video.



Opal.  Genuine earth mined. 4/5 clarity, dark base.  No treatments.  Birthstone for October. Hand finished by one of the finest in the business!

This opal had not been seen by a master valuer at time of listing . However, should you wish to purchase, we guarantee that his appraisal will exceed our price as outlined here. If not and it is a lower percentage, we will deduct an amount from the price to make it do so. But .We never add to your purchase price if the evaluation has gone up! Any questions, please ask. And, the copy of the master valuers appraisal, signed and sealed by him, is included in the cost of this gem.