Appraised at $830.00. A 2.54 Carat Sapphire , Earth Mined, 11 x 7 x3.5 mm. See Video. My #76 .



Large earth mined Sapphire.  No treatment.of any kind.
The second image is an artist’s rendition of how the gem would look in a pendant setting designed by Anna. Or you can work with her to have alterations to the design made, or even a totally different one.  You can decide to have it made in 14 or 18 karat gold, in the gold colour of your choice: white, yellow, rose, etc.
This gem has been examined by a Master Valuer, and given a preliminary evaluation for retail replacement , not including any taxes.  It is slightly included type 11, medium, very slightly grayish, slightly yellowish green colour. ( GIA slyG5/3) Cut is good.  A copy of the appraisal signed and sealed by the master valuer can be purchased as explained under terms and notes.
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