Original on Board by Listed Canadian Artist, David Drum? “New Snow” Image approx. 16″ x 20″ See Note.



In most cases the signature on oils is either illegible or unknown. Paying to find out would be expensive, and I do not feel it is sensible unless you think a work is worth thousands or hundreds of thousands. I doubt VERY much this one is …. but the artist is VERY talented. The vast majority of artists do not receive the credit they deserve. That does not need to stop you from enjoying a hand made work of art by a very talented artist. I leave it to you to research if you wish.
I framed this myself in hand polished solid oak  frame. Find out why I make my own frames here. 
Any “distortion” in the frames is an illusion caused by the photography… I am not set up to take pictures of large items.

NOTE: Really nice work. Signature is illegible….. but back states it is by David Drum. I have no way of verifying this, and can see no signature. I do not know who wrote the info on the back. Did come from the estate of a wealthy, knowlegible collector, but do not know if he verified. Have a similar work from the same collector which is as framed when I received. If you wish to see a picture of it, please contact me. Do not know who blacked out some info on the back. Can say the artist is very talented…. but do not know if info provided on back is true.