Terms & Notes


  1.  We no longer sell from this web site. we now sell exclusively from our Etsy store. Visit our About page to find out how to save money,  and help animals  at the same time. A link to our Etsy store can be found there. 


  1. As you have probably noticed, I have a love affair going on with coloured gems. Not that big a fan of diamonds as I feel they are overpriced.
    Diamond prices are strictly controlled, whereas because of connections made over the years I can get very good deals on coloured gems, and pass that on to you. HOWEVER, should you wish diamonds, please contact me…. I can obtain at very competitive rates. I have accounts with the major dealers.
  2.  Images on gemstones are magnified many times over the actual size. Actual sizes are provided.  If you are not sure of how big that actual size is, we suggest you draw out an image of the same size using a mm ruler. Good things come in small packages…. the value of gem stones is in the beauty and the rarity, not the size.
  3. As a service, we offer the option of having one of our designers design a setting for you if you wish…. just tell us what you have in mind, or leave them to make a unique setting  for you. We will pass your  request to the designer and you can deal directly. We make nothing from this. Profit for the sanctuaries comes from the stones and other merchandise that we sell on Etsy. You can select accent stones ( under melee) or ask for diamond accents. Contact me if you need more info. You can have settings made in  sterling,14k, 18k, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum. Your choice…
  4. Similarly we can put you in touch with someone to make your setting. This is a little time consuming, so will charge 10%….. but that is MUCH better than the 100 to 200% a regular jewelry store would charge! 🙂